our story

Fruitofy started off as a mango-selling brand back in 2018. We offered a variety of fresh, juicy mangoes directly from our orchards to your doorsteps. Our customers loved the mangoes & the feedback was overwhelming, and season after season, our mangoes became a sensation.


In 2020, we partnered with Al-Khair Sweets – renowned for its delicious sweets & delights. We couldn't resist adding their tasty offerings to our online shop.


Our business was booming & we saw an opportunity to share the flavors of Pakistan with the world. We started exporting our mangoes. And in no time, we had loyal international & local customers who kept coming back for more.


Inspired by our success, we realized the potential to expand and support other fresh food producers and sellers in Pakistan. Our vision was to create a platform where they could thrive, and customers from around the globe could savor the richness of Pakistani produce.


After careful planning and hard work, we're proud to announce the launch of our Fresh Produce Marketplace in May 2023. Now, you can buy and sell a wide range of fresh products – with fruits being exported globally. Fruitofy serves as the bridge between Pakistani farmers, fresh food producers, and discerning consumers worldwide.