White Chaunsa White Chaunsa may be less sweeter than Mosami Chaunsa, but their sweet delicacy remains undeniable. SHOP NOW ABOUT US ABOUT US SHOP NOW Our freshly grown Dasheri mangoes are irresistably sweet in every way. Dasheri ABOUT US SHOP NOW The Summer season is incomplete withour our sweet and pulpy Anwar Ratol mangoes; the most widely indulged delicacy by our consumers nationwide. Anwar Ratol


We handle everything for you!Directly from the farms!

We, at Fruitofy, strive for preserving the taste of nature in our products. We offer a range of variety in the mangoes that are grown in farms, owned by us. They include suerior quality Chaunsa, Black Chaunsa, White Chaunsa, Dasheri, Sindhri and Anwar Ratol. We are an online fruit business retailer, and our specialty lies in our fresh and sweet produce of fruits.We are committed to serving our clients with the most fresh taste of sweet nature, preserved in our methods of cultivating the mangoes, which are free from the contamination of any chemicals or pollutants like carbide. The fruits we produce come straight from our farms, to your doorstep. We believe in purity and integrity in our efforts to deliver mangoes that are pure and organic.

Fruitofy ensures that you need not go visit the market place yourself to get the mangoes, because we have got you covered. We are just a click away, so place your order through our website, and we will deliver your fruits at your doorstep.

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We value our customers a lot and strive to deliver products at their best qaulity to them. Our mangoes are fresh from the farm, organic in every essence.


Our produce is brought straight from our own farms as we are committed to delivering a premium value service to our customers.

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We are determined to preserve the taste of pure nature in our fresh produce, and bringing it forth to our most valued customers.

We aim to become the best supplier of organic mangoes all over Pakistan.

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