Q. Where is your shop?

We are an e-commerce company and we provide online services.

Q. From where do you source the desserts?

Desserts are provided by Alkhair sweets Multan (they have only one branch).

Q. Where are your Mango farms located?

Mangoes are provided by GB farms located in Khangarh District Muzaffargarh along the Banks of River Chenab.

Q. Which Payment methods do you accept?

We offer cash on delivery services also accept Visa/MasterCard, Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa and direct bank transfer.

Q. Which courier service do you use?

We use multiple courier services including TCS, TRAX, FASTEX, depending upon the destination of the customers.

Q6. In how many days do you deliver?

We deliver in 2-4 working days. Sunday is a holiday.
*As all our products are edible so if there is any issue in our product’s taste feel free to give your valuable feedback at our customer support number or social media pages. We’ll fully compensate our valuable customers.