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Sohan halwa and its nutritious values

Sohan halwa is not merely there to satiate sweet tooth cravings and a palatable wintery delight. But it also holds high nutritious values because it comes with variant forms of dry fruits. Its offerings with pistachios, cashews and walnuts carries high energy values and numerous health benefits for ones who consume it. 

Let’s discuss in detail, what do these dry fruits hold for the halwa lovers and how it makes itself a good part of a healthy diet. 

How can an akhroti sohan halwa benefit a foodie?

Akhrots or Walnuts are known to decrease inflammation, regulate cholesterol levels thus provide health benefits for the heart directly. It prevents clogging in the arteries therefore holds particular value for elderly, and also youngsters. 

Walnuts originated from Persia and brought to the US via Spanish missionaries in the 1700s. Whereas in England, they are still known as Persian walnuts. It’s a universally acclaimed snack with proven health benefits. When its added into sohan halwa, it overshadows the sugary effects with their nutritious values. 

Pista Sohan halwa is another delicious flavor

Pistachios are the favorite dry fruit of many in winters. Its origin is dated back to 7000 years ago. Not only is it rich with potassium and vitamin B6 but it also controls blood sugar level. It contains high levels of antioxidants and protects eyes from age related degeneration. Studies have shown that one ounce of Pistachios taken as daily snack can help control weight gain in an effective manner.

Therefore when added into Sohan halwa it becomes another level delight in both taste and nutritious value.

When Cashews are added into halwa

Like Walnuts and Pistachios, Cashews too are known for similar benefits like a healthy heart, good for diabetes, and provide minerals, vitamins, and protein for the body. Cashews are also great for a healthy brain. Not only are they rich in nutrients, they are great in taste too. Sohan halwa becomes just too irresistible when added with these mouth watering snacks. They also provide warmth for the body in chilly winters. 

Honey can also be added

There are some variants of dry fruit halwas that contain honey. Honey is religiously declared possessing cure effects. It has a high amount of antioxidants that reduces blood pressure and dilates the arteries of the heart making easy blood flow without clotting. Its sugary substance is not that bad as actual sugar for diabetes. Besides it eases cough in kids. A honey filled dry fruit halwa is way more delicious and nutritious both.

With all the nutritious values of dry fruits, fruitofy still takes special care for its customers’ health. Therefore they bring sugar free sohan halwa options for those on diet plans for diabetics so they can enjoy the dessert without least bit concerns for their health. A stress free customer is our priority. 

With such great benefits and being a genuine delight for taste buds, who would like to miss Sohan halwa in winters. 

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