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Mangoes And Their Uses

Their Perfect Remedy For Staying Cool

When you feel like the Summer heat is getting to you, you can always use a mango to cool down your body temperature. Here are the number of ways you can succeed in doing so:


Mango refreshes your smoothies with its juicy pulp. A few ways to make smoothies using mangoes are:
Add slices of mango (frozen OR regular) to shakes and smoothies with a hint of pineapple juice and frozen strawberries to give them a sweet, tropical treatment.
• Plain Mango Shakes and Smoothies
• Mango Lassi
• Mango Picante
• Green Mango Zest
• Mango Tango
• Sweet Potato Mango
• Aloe Gloe Mango
• Creamy Mango Morning
• Mango Mulberry Persimmon
Tomato Mango Lime
• Creamy Carrot Mango
• Blackberry Mango Maqui


Mango makes a delicious and colorful addition to desserts like ice creams and puddings, etc.
• Mango Ice Cream
• Mango added to Flavored and Plain Ice Cream

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