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Fresh Mangoes In Pakistan

When it comes to mangoes, all of us very keenly devour them but not many know exactly where, or in what conditions, they are actually grown in. We have supply of fresh mangoes available online. Following is a detailed account of the one and only, mangoes.

River Chenab banks:

In district Muzaffargarh, along the banks of river Chenab land there are hundreds of acres of fertile land which has always been irrigated by river Chenab water. Water table is high, and aquifers are recharged with river water. Floodplains, area adjacent to a river, are famous for their fertility, and ability to grow every type of vegetables and fruits. From hundreds of years people have been growing different types of vegetables and fruits but from past 70 years they all have chosen to grow only king of fruits MANGO.

Biophysical limits:

Mango is best adapted to hot, dry leeward areas that receive less than 400 mm of rainfall annually, but supplemental irrigation is desirable for highest yields in those areas. Orchards here are irrigated by fresh water of tube wells.

In Muzaffargh the average rainfall is roughly 127 millimetres (5.0 in).


Mangoes grow almost everywhere up to 0-1200 m elevation. Generally, above 600 m in Asia, the climate becomes too cold and often too humid for commercial cultivars. Mangoes will grow from sea level to an elevation of about 500 m, but they are most productive below 400 m. Muzaffargarh is at an elevation of 122m above sea level.

Basti sandila:

In the south of Muzaffargarh city there is a small town called Khangarh, if you go towards east, you’ll reach a population of thousand people, in a place called Basti Sandila. The best thing about this place is that it is surrounded by mangoes, people literally live in mangoes. Every person is related to mangoes in one way or another. Summer means mangoes to them. Life circulates around mangoes all the yearlong. And about a kilometer away towards east from this place you would reach banks of river Chenab where you would find yourself surrounded by mango orchards.

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