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Interesting Facts About Fresh Mangoes

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Mango, a genuine tropical delight, is the most popular fruit in the world. It is consumed both raw and in a variety of cuisines – sweet and savory dishes, smoothies, cocktails, desserts, salads, etc. Mango is one of the sweetest, pulpiest, and juiciest fruits on the planet. The delectable fruit is an incredibly flavorful gift of the summer season for the tropical and subtropical regions, especially South Asia and Latin America. Mango is known as a ‘superfood’ or ‘superfruit’ due to its rich taste and immense nutritional value. Yet, it is also an amazing fruit owing to its numerous fascinating facts.

Alexander the Great, Mughal Emperors, and several South Asian kings and nobles – along with religions like Buddhism and Hinduism – were inclined a lot towards mangoes compared to all other fruits, which is one of the many reasons behind its title ‘King of Fruits.’ Below is a comprehensive list of exciting and fascinating facts, including Fun Facts, Historical Facts, Myths, Legends and Cultural Facts, Origin & Facts about Mango Tree, and Health and Nutrition Facts about mangoes.

Some Interesting Facts About Mangoes

  1. Mango is the most popular and the most consumed fruit in the world
  2. The tropical gem is the national fruit of Pakistan, India, and the Phillippines.
  3. Mango is abundantly cultivated fruits in tropical regions.
  4. India is the mango capital of the world as it produces the most mangoes in the world. India produces nearly half of the world’s mangoes. Yet, it accounts for less than 1% of the international mango trade as it consumes most of the produce.
  5. Mango is famously known as the ‘King of Fruits.’
  6. It is considered a symbol of love in India.

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