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Halwas: Most loved confectionaries of Pakistan

When you walk down a street and a tempting, cardamon filled scent makes its way to your nose. You instantly recognize it’s an aromatic smell of Halwa being cooked in some corner of the street. These scrumptious halwas don’t even need a reason or festivity to be cooked. Any time can be a good time. In fact these halwas themselves can transform a regular evening into a festive one when shared with loved ones.

These halwas not only carry palatable taste but cultural values as well. Every halwa has its own story and legacy to follow. Some even hold symbolic values for some cities and vice versa. It’s not only social events or weddings but these halwas find their way into religious occasions as well. When we trace back centuries old history of desserts in Orient i.e. Middle East and South Asia, we only find mention of halwas.

With the passage of time, many new variants of halwas emerged especially in the haven of foodies i.e. subcontinent. Their ingredients served as an identity for them. We will discuss some of the most loved halwas of the region:

Suji ka halwa

Suji halwa traces its origins in the Arab world as well. Cooked with ghee, sugar, milk and semolina, it is a grainy dish and least expensive of halwas. Whether given handy with halwa puri or served at local dhabas. It is in easy reach of all.

Habshi Halwa

It’s origin reaches back to the Mughul era like most of the halwas here. Also it’s popular with its variety of ingredients including milk, nuts and cardamom and crunchy taste.

Gajar ka halwa

Again a novelty from the Mughul era, it happens to be the most popular vegetable based dish. Initially it used to be a soupy sweet dish called gajrela that took a thicker form of halwa later on. It is a dish of royalty that is consumed most in the winter season. High skill in cooking is required to prepare this mouth watering halwa.

Channay ki daal ka halwa

With its grainy texture and earthy brown color, it is one of the most difficult to cook halwa. Precisely because when all the ingredients are put together. They are cooked until a level of consistency is achieved. The real challenge is not in achieving it but detecting it. It is it’s challenging nature that adds more excitement in it’s consumption.

Sohan halwa

Thicker of all, and most popular among punjabis, Sohan halwa holds a premium place. This specialty from Multan is savory, mouth watering and nutritious. It is sent as gifts and distributed at weddings and social events. When mixed with nuts it holds high energetic value for ones who consume it.

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