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Cherished Pakistani desserts in winter

Even though Pakistani desserts are known for their heavy calorie intake but their palatable taste and nutritious values make every calorie worth. Especially when it’s winters the craving and desire to consume sweet dishes is ever so high. Moreover winters in Pakistan coincides with the wedding season. Weddings and sweets come handy with each other. No western dessert can compete with local delicacies. A rice pudding can’t beat up ‘’kheer’’, a carrot cake can’t surpass ‘’gajar ka halwa’’ and a cupcake can’t win from ‘’barfi or gulab jamuns’’. When it’s winter you can smell their aromas in almost every nook and corner of cities in Pakistan. It’s enough to create mouth watering feelings to smell them or hold their sight. 

We will discuss and analyze here, the most loveable and delicious winter delicacies of Pakistan. 

Kheer or firni

A desi form of rice pudding but far more delicious is mixture of rice, milk and sugar in the form of thick and creamy texture. Its mixed with cardamom, almonds and pistachios to give additional flavor and energy values. Whether it’s a wedding or a religious occasion. A bride’s first cooked meal in husband’s home or a childbirth. Its one of the most commonly utilized desserts. When served hot in winters, it is doubled in taste.

Gajar ka halwa

Carrots are a great source of vitamins A thus increases eyesight and is considered a golden anti aging recipe. When mixed with ghee, sugar and milk it becomes more tantalising for your taste buds in the form of gajar ka halwa. In the indo pak subcontinent, it’s one of the most cherished and consumed desserts in cold weather. Its layered with khoya and cashew nuts are added to make it all the more delicious.


Hot jalebis are easily available, less pricey and readily cooked in every other street or town in Pakistan. Its cooked in a circular, whirling manner to develop a unique shape. It’s crunchy and takes the shape of syrup coated sugary rings. Even though rich in calories, it’s part and parcel of colorful foodie traditions of Pakistan. 

Gulab Jamans

Gulab Jamans are one of the most tempting sweets or ‘mithai’ available in Pakistan. They are widely served in celebrations and festivals, sent to friends and family after an engagement or birth in a family, or taken along with wedding gifts to bride or groom’s home. When served hot and fresh,they are almost irresistible. 

Sohan Halwa

Sohan halwa is hands down ‘king of winter desserts’. Although it’s heavy in calories but it doesn’t affect much on weight gain due to the rich presence of dry fruits. Since dry fruits are medically proven to balance mass body index, they trickle down high calorie effects of sugary part of halwa. It traces its roots to centuries old Multan making its way to Mughul courts, where it was reserved for royalty and not accessible to masses. 

With the presence of cashews, pistachios, and walnuts. It regulates the blood sugar system, decreases cholesterol and injects additional mineral values to meals. Since Pakistani households are big fans of consuming sweet desserts after meals. Sohan halwa tops the favorites. It provides warmth to the body while tantalizing the taste buds. It’s one of the most cherished gifts in weddings. You can’t mention winters or Multan without bringing Sohan halwa into the subconscious of a listener. 

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