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We handle everything for you!Directly from the farms!

Fruitofy founded the idea of providing fresh fruits/food to our customers directly to their doorstep. We started with mangoes and with time we are delivering the best local products to consumers. We aim to become the biggest ecommerce market of fresh foods in Pakistan. providing local farmers/manufacturers to sell their product online and consumers to directly purchase goods from its original source. We emphasize greatly on quality, and every product is tested to ensure the best health standards.

Fruitofy ensures that you need not go visit the market place yourself to get these organic products, because we have got you covered. We are just a click away, so place your order through our website, and we will deliver at your doorstep.


We work together to make you happy !

From the farms to its final delivery, our team works relentlessly to try and bring its most fresh and organic products to your doorstep. Operating from a remote area in Muzaffargarh, it gets very challenging, given its extreme weather conditions like dust storms and monsoon rains, which might get in the way, but the consistent hard work of the team avoids this misfortune, and manages timely delivery of its organic produce.

Our team members make individual rounds to oversee a healthy growth of the fruits and management of other organic products. They are then loaded into boxes or paitis. When it comes to transporting, our packages are transferred to Sonic Trax Courier, and their service brings the organic produce straight to your doorstep within 4-5 working days.

Our Uniqueness

Mangoes are royalty when it comes to fruits, and they are the crowned King for their ultimate sweetness, deliciousness that they possess. Likewise Sohan halwa is best known and one of the most popular winter delicacies. We offer seasonal products that are best in demand and most authentic in their origin. We offer variants in every product that we offer. All variants offered are unique in taste, authentic in origin and 100% organic.

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