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Directly from the farms!

We, at Fruitofy, strive for preserving the taste of nature in our products. We offer a range of variety in the mangoes that are grown in farms, owned by us. They include suerior quality Chaunsa, Black Chaunsa, White Chaunsa, Dusehri, Sindhiri and Amrat Ratol. We are an online fruit business retailer, and our specialty lies in our fresh and sweet produce of fruits.We are committed to serving our clients with the most fresh taste of sweet nature, preserved in our methods of cultivating the mangoes, which are free from the contamination of any chemicals or pollutants like carbide. The fruits we produce come straight from our farms, to your doorstep. We believe in purity and integrity in our efforts to deliver mangoes that are pure and organic.

Fruitofy ensures that you need not go visit the market place yourself to get the mangoes, because we have got you covered. We are just a click away, so place your order through our website, and we will deliver your fruits at your doorstep.


We work together to make you happy !

From the farms to its final delivery, our team works relentlessly to try and bring its most fresh and organic mangoes to your doorstep. Operating from a remote area in Muzaffargargh, it gets very challenging, given its extreme weather conditions like dust storms and monsoon rains, which might get in the way, but the consistent hardwork of the team avoids this misfortune, and manages timely delivery of its organic produce.

Our team members make individual rounds of the farms in order to oversee a healthy growth of the fruit, and to decipher whether they have reached maturity or not. Ripe mangoes are then loaded into boxes or paitis. When it comes to transporting mangoes to the main roads, bull carts are utilized, and other times tractor trolley is used. From the main roads, a small loader vehicles transports the mangoes to Muzaffargargh City, from where the packages are transferred to Fastex Daewoo Courier, and their service brings the organic produce straight to your doorstep within 4-5 working days.

Our Uniqueness

Mangoes are royalty when it comes to fruits, and they are the crowned King for their ultimate sweetness, deliciousness that they possess. Simply put, the taste of mangoes is unmatchable.

Fruitofy owns its own farms on which all mangoes are grown, and not just one kind of mangoes is grown here, but Fruitofy easily has in its farms many varieties of its best seller. All mango variants offered are unique in taste, authetic in origin and 100% organic.


Our freshly grown Dusehri mangoes are irresistably sweet in every way, and people cannot simply stop themselves from devouring a whole bunch of them! These can be incorporated in many recipes like milkshakes, cakes or kulfis. They are the best way to beat the summer heat.


Fruitofy’s best known mango variety: The Chaunsa, also known as the King of all mangoes, has its own sweet three variants:

Mosami Chaunsa

This type of mango is simply our best seller, and its sweet glory has reigned for years, as it bears the sweetest taste of mangoes.

White Chaunsa

Our White Chaunsa Mangoes are our best exports. Although they may be less sweeter than Mosami Chaunsa, their ultimate sweet delicacy